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The History of Bella Saluti

Bella Saluti began on a notion... It was increasingly difficult for me to find a greeting card that celebrated the true worth of thoughts and occasions, so I decided it was time to stop looking and make my own... Being a greeting card maker is a joyful, fullfilling line of work. There is unlimited room for creativity and a chance to gain further knowledge of the craft. Always fascinated by making something from nothing, I unknowingly began to nurture my love for creativity at a young age. Perpetually 'into' everything, I watched and helped my grandmother with a variety of projects: sewing, rug making, cooking , gardening, and holiday crafting. I always loved to give (and receive) cards, so I always remember a craft project that took place every year before Christmas. My grandmother would collect all of the greeting cards that we had received from the year before and we would spend hours making an assortment of beautiful bags, gift tags, place cards, and small notes...all of these to be used for the Christmas that was coming. The love for greeting cards not only came from my grandmother, but from my grandfather too! I would sit forever watching my grandpa handmake cards... He would literally freehand every aspect of that card! He was quite an artist, he could draw figures, flowers, buildings, pretty much anything. This love for making and giving cards carried with me throughout college...I held a part-time job as a retail merchandiser for a major greeting card distributor, a responsibility that I loved and took very seriously. I enjoyed coming across the new styles of cards that were being introduced to the marketplace. I noticed colors, textures, and the artful placement of the intricate details on each card. Therefore, it is no surprise to anyone that I am now doing what I do. There are so many wonderful things about purchasing and, most importantly, sending a handmade greeting card...the most significant is the generous thoughts of love appreciated by whoever is on the receiving end. From everyone here at Bella Saluti we wish you our best regards! Michele Granger, President

Autumn Accent

As you know, Bella Saluti is a handmade greeting card maker located in one of the most beautiful places on earth - Sonoma County, California. What could be better than living, working and playing in an area that boasts so many different aspects of the 'good life!' California is well known for its diverse culture and for its variety of activities... Where else can you wake up watching the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean, have time to enjoy skiing the slopes of a 7,500 foot mountain in the Sierra's that same afternoon, and still have time for a delectable dinner at one of the thousands of gourmet restaurants in one of our many big cities! So whether you live here in the great state of California, or are planning to visit...everytime you order one of our gorgeous cards you will receive a little part of the great wine country of California.